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It is Christ who builds - and re-builds - His church. So just because a church is in a season of decline does not mean that the Lord no longer has purpose to glorify Himself in the work of that church.

As followers of Christ, we commit ourselves to church revitalization for the Glory of Christ, for the sake of those that live close to that church, for the sake of the neighborhood of that church, and for the sake of those who call that church home.

To that end, The Chapel is committed to bringing new life to churches that wish to see all people believe in Jesus, belong to family, become disciples, and build God’s Kingdom. Renewal through church revitalization can be a living portrait of newness in life that can only be found in Christ.

If you are a leader or elder in a church in Northeast Ohio facing hard choices during these uncertain times, connect with Deering Dyer below to find out more.

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Each day, 10 churches across America permanently close their doors. Instead of closing doors, we want to see new purpose and life form in the name of Christ and for his glory. Deering Dyer | Director of Saturate

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Our heart for the neighborhood Church

Revitalizing a church is not like flipping a house or restoring a car. Church revitalization is responding in faith to a call that perhaps the Lord Jesus is not done building a church in a neighborhood to reach people for Christ.

Through The Saturate Movement, The Chapel is saturating Northeast Ohio with the Gospel through church revitalization.

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