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Church planting and disciple-making have been a strategic priority throughout The Chapel’s 83-year history. With this rich tradition as our foundation, the vision of The Saturate Movement came into being.


The mission of the Saturate Movement is to saturate our region with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through church planting in order to see people believing in Jesus, belonging to family, becoming a disciple and building His Kingdom.


Our purpose at The Chapel is to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commandment (Matt 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) to the church. To that end, we seek to participate in a movement to saturate our region with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by planting 10 churches in 10 years.


Our plan is to recruit church planters, train them in our residency within the ministry context of one of our current campuses. Our strategic plan is to plant churches out of each of our existing campuses as we target areas of Gospel saturation.

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October 2018 update

Current Campus Pastors

Tim Armstrong

Senior Pastor

Mike Castelli


Zac Derr


Ben White


Stephen Neumeyer

Cuyahoga Falls


Chase Jones


Alan Bowdler

Colin Mattoon

The Saturate Movement is The Chapel's vision to plant 10 churches in 10 years.